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Isometric training and measurement for
professional, everyday, and rehabilitating athletes

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At-home fitness for everyone
Never skip a workout again.

But you can skip the gym. Activ5 motivates you to get an effective workout, no matter how busy you are.

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Digital dynamometry solution for
physical therapists
Assess your
clients objectively.

Activforce is a strength measurement platform that gives you precise data and lets you quantify improvement.

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You've done
isometrics —
but not like this

If you've done yoga or planks, you've done isometrics: they're any exercise where
the joint stays still. Activ5 takes this simple concept and gives you measurement,
feedback, and programs — so you can stay on target every day.

Anyone can do it...
but it challenges everyone

Since it uses your own body against itself, isometric exercise can have massive benefits for anyone, of any age, and of any fitness level — all you need is a coach to show you the ropes, which is where the Activ5 app comes in.

Get fit fast with hyper-efficient workouts

When you pair Activ5 to your phone, you get access to hundreds of exercises, dozens of workouts, and the only strength-measuring device readily available to the general public. This instant feedback keeps you motivated and growing every day.

Work out at home or on the road, without any extra equipment

With Activ5 in your pocket, you can take 5 minutes for your health and fitness anywhere — at your desk, while watching TV, and on the road. It's the easiest way to build a healthy habit that lasts.

Develop the strength to
overcome any limitation

Because Activ5 adapts to your own strength levels, it's perfect for anyone working with a physical disability. Filter exercises by muscle group and position (standing, seated, or lying down) so you can strengthen your body on your own terms.

Users are getting fit
without depending on the gym

“For me, it just works. I have only had it for a few weeks now, but I can feel the results. My body feels stronger and more flexible. My joints are less stiff, and most importantly I feel increased blood circulation”

- Nate, Tempe, AZ

“I bought this thinking I would pack it and use it when I travel for work... I started using it on the first trip, doing the "six week challenge" in the app. I'm on week three and can see muscle tone, my balance has improved and I'm building a solid exercise habit and having fun seeing such fast progress!”

- Suzanne, Venice, CA

“When I first saw an Activ5 video I was not convinced it would be a workout. But I decided to try it because I am always looking for a new way to work out at my office. It ended up being really fun and a good workout! It has so many different exercises to try from arms, abs, chest. etc.. The next morning after trying it my arms and chest were sore.”

- Ana, Reno, NV

Know yourself, know your strength

Activ5 measures and improves your physical strength...
while giving you the mental strength to succeed.

The strength to

Break though mental and physical
barriers by being active every day.

The strength to live
your best life:

Never compromise on fitness,
no matter how busy you are.

The strength to
become a champion:

Get the edge on your competition by
being faster, stronger, and more

Build muscle & tone
Improve flexibility
Boost cardio
Rehab weak spots

"anywhere" workout
that's tougher than it looks

Now you can squeeze in a workout in just a few minutes — without compromising the quality of your workout.

Pro athletes like Kerrith Whyte use Activ5 because it recruits more muscle fibers and creates more time under tension than common exercises like squats, lunges, and cycling.¹

Find your weak points and
turn them into strengths

Activ5 gives you a daily assessment of your strength, control, and muscle symmetry — and recommends exercises and programs to strengthen weak points.

Heptathlete Chari Hawkins says Activ5 is an essential training aid in her quest for the podium at the Tokyo Games.


When I created Activ5, I imagined a world where everybody could make time to nourish their body and mind, no matter their age, fitness, or schedule. 7 or 70, years or minutes... be a little more alive, be a little more active."

- Dr. Kosta Yanev

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